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5 Reasons Winter is Great Time to Move

Many people shy away from winter moves thinking they will be more difficult and costly. Surprisingly, this is often the opposite. Is moving in winter right for you? It might be! Find out all the perks of a winter move below to see if you should start the new year off in your new place.

1. Lower Moving Costs

The heaviest volume of moves occurs during the spring and summer months. This can be even higher in places with seasonal populations, like snowbirds returning north. Summer is by far the busiest time of year to move with over half of annual US moves taking place between May to August. Winter is often a quieter time in the moving business, so most moving companies reduce their rates a bit during the winter or offer special incentives like discounted storage or packing materials. Get those winter savings!

2. Increased Availability & Flexibility

Thanks to lighter schedules, moving companies tend to be more flexible during winter months. They are more likely to be able to work around your schedule and can accommodate last minute bookings or changes that they cannot during the busy spring and summer months. They also have more availability for smaller needs. If you are looking to re-arrange furniture in your home, re-locate a safe or pool table or need help with cabinets being delivered for a kitchen renovation, winter is the best time!

3. Easier On the Movers = Jobs Done Faster

Most local movers like working in cooler weather. Running up and down stairs all day with heavy furniture can be draining work. It is especially difficult in the heat of the summer and requires movers to take more breaks for the safety of employees. This is not the case in cooler weather, meaning your job will get done a bit faster and even a little cheaper if you are paying an hourly rate. Plus, you will likely be getting the best of the best with veteran crew members. Moving companies schedule their best and most experienced employees first during the slow winter months. Overall, winter moving crews will be more experienced and less likely to cause delays or damage your items. Smarter, faster, better, stronger!

4. Quick Arrival on Long-Distance Moves

Long distance movers book out months in advance during the summer and have large delivery windows to manage the multiple deliveries loaded onto each truck. During winter months the volume of shipments is lower, meaning it is easier to book your move on short notice and schedule delivery closer to the dates you prefer.

5. The Kids Are in School

With the kids in school, you have more time to plan and organize your move. You also don’t need to make special childcare arrangements during your move to ensure the little ones aren’t “under foot” when your sofa is being carried into your new home. For local moves, school provides consistency and is also a great distraction. They will be thankful to arrive home just in time to help with their favorite part, checking out their new room!

While the weather is often a big concern for winter moves, established companies typically have protocols in place on scheduling around big storms. Always make sure to look at reviews on a moving company beforehand and check out Bridge Brothers Movers guide “Great Movers are not Shakers” for help picking a great moving company.

Spend your summer enjoying the long days, sunshine, and relaxing in your new place with a winter move!

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