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Welcome to Bridges Bros Movers

We are happy to have you join our team. The following information will make your first few days as a new employee a bit easier. Please carefully review this information and speak with your manager about any questions you have.

Operations Manager

Byron Quatrano
Cell: 207-415-0071

Office Manger

Jon Nelson
Office: 603-652-3072


Jeremy Forest
Cell: 603-395-0101

Our complete employee handbook with more details on employee benefits, company policies and more can be found here.  Or you can request a printed copy from the Office Manager.

You have been sent a text message inviting you to download an app called Homebase.  We use Homebase for scheduling and managing time off.  The schedule for the next day is posted in Homebase by 4:00 each day.  (Saturday schedule is posted 3-4 weeks ahead)

Using the tablet in the office you will clock in and out on the Homebase app.  Your 6-digit PIN number can be found in the Homebase app on your phone under Settings.

Crew assignments are posted on the door to the office each day.  Crews are highlighted by color.  Crew Chiefs will have customer name and truck number next to their name.

New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day

Jobs are booked Monday through Saturday.  You will normally be expected to work 2 Saturdays per month, but may be scheduled for an additional Saturday if required by our job schedule.

Daily start time depends on the job you are assigned.  Most days you will report to the office for 7:30 am. 

The length of your work day will vary based on the job(s) you are assigned.  You may be done by early afternoon on some days and work much later on other days. 

All requests for time off MUST be made 14 days prior.  You will be required to find someone to cover your shift if you need time off with less than 14 days notice. 

All time off requests MUST be made using the Homebase app.  You can also trade shifts with other employees using Homebase.  Time off and shift trades are not approved until the Operations Manager has approved them in Homebase

If you must miss a shift due to illness or emergency, that must be communicated to the Operations Manager as soon as possible by calling him.  If you do not speak with him directly, you are expected to also send a text message through the Homebase app.

Employees are expected to arrive on time for their shift each day so that we arrive for our clients on time.  Frequent missed shifts or tardiness will result in disciplinary action, including possible suspension or termination.

Payroll is paid every Friday for the previous week.  We strongly encourage you to fill out the “Direct Deposit” form in your new hire package.  Your pay will automatically be deposited into your bank account every Friday morning.

You have the option to report tips in Homebase at the end of each shift when you clock out.

Tipping by customers is done at their option and is not required or expected.  Any employee found to directly or indirectly soliciting tips will be subject to disciplinary action.  Tipping is never to be discussed with a customer unless they initiate the conversation.

Eligible employees will receive 8 hours paid time off on each of the 6 company holidays.  You must be a full-time employee for 3 months to be eligible for paid holidays.

Full time employees will also receive 1 week of paid vacation and 3 paid sick/personal days per year after one year of employment.  Employees with 3+ years receive 2 weeks paid vacation annually.

Your first 90 days of employment are considered an evaluation period.  Upon successful completion of this period you will become eligible for benefits that include paid holidays, paid dental coverage and participation in our company retirement savings plan. 

Any employee who refers a new employee will be eligible to receive a $250 bonus.  The bonus will be paid after the new hire has completed 6 months of employment with Bridges Bros Movers.  The employee who made the referral must still be an employee of Bridges Bros to receive the bonus.

Your appearance on the job is very important.  This is our customer’s first impression when you arrive at their home and will set the tone for the day.  It may even affect your tip!

Employees will be issued company t-shirts and sweatshirts. You are expected to wear these each day.  Please do not cut off sleeves or otherwise alter the shirt or sweatshirt.

Additional layers should be worn under your company t-shirt or sweatshirt and should be solid colors only.  No other brands, logos, words or patterns should be visible.

Shorts or pants should be a solid, dark color (black, navy blue or charcoal gray).  No patterns, logos, etc.  After 3 months of employment the company will provide 2 pairs of shorts in the summer and 2 pairs of pants in the fall/winter.

Sneakers or shoes that provide good traction and flexibility are recommended.  Hats are allowed but should not contain images or messages that may be considered offensive.

Make sure you bring plenty of water and food with you!

Employees are expected to treat all company trucks, equipment, and other property with respect.  All employees are expected to participate in cleaning their truck each night and making sure that all equipment and tools return from the job site. 

Crew chiefs are required to complete a daily truck inspection report and return truck fully fueled each night.

Employees are discouraged from smoking or vaping for health reasons.  If you must smoke or vape, you are expected to limit breaks to no more than every 2 hours and must smoke/vape at least 100 yards from the job site.  There is absolutely no smoking or vaping allowed in or near any Bridges Bros truck or vehicle.  Anyone caught smoking in or near one of our vehicles will be subject to suspension.

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