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On the Move!
Our Moving Themed Activity Book

We’re a family-run company with kids of our own, so we know that moving can be an emotional and challenging time for them. Getting them excited about the move can make the transition much easier for them and for you.

Our moving-themed activity book is filled with coloring pages, scavenger hunts, instructions for building a box fort and other fun to keep the little ones occupied.  Click on the image below to download a printable copy and start the fun!



Involving the Kids Can Make Moving Easier

young girl drawing on box

The chaos and stress of preparing for a move can be especially difficult for children to manage. Taking the time to talk about and visit the new home and your new neighborhood can really help to reduce their anxiety.

Here are some ideas for making the move a positive experience that will have your kids looking forward to move day!

  • Ask your children to explain in their own words what they think will happen when you move. This will give you a chance to hear the things that they are excited about, as well as things they are nervous or uncertain about, so that you can help them feel more comfortable.
  • Explain what will happen on move day. Younger children may think that they will never see their things again once they go into a box!
  • Take a couple of trips to the new house before the move. Explore your new surroundings, pointing out parks, playgrounds, children playing in the area and other things that will get them excited about the new location.
  • Talk about their new room and some of the ways it can be made special for them. Ask them to draw a picture of what they’d like it to look like!
  • Allow them to pack a box or two of their own items.
  • Encourage your children to decorate the boxes that will go to their room.
  • Help them select a couple of important toys that will travel with them in a suitcase or bag. (Especially that favorite stuffed animal or blanket that helps them get to sleep!)
  • Taking a photo of their ‘old’ room before packing starts, so they can remember what it looked like.
  • Have your children write a note to the new occupants and leave it somewhere that they will find it.
  • Ask the kids to think of old toys and or clothes they can donate to charity before the move.
  • Get their new room(s) set up immediately.

Important Reminder: With all of the activity on moving day it is a dangerous place for young children who might not be seen by a mover carrying a heavy box or walking backward with a large piece of furniture. Our moving trucks and the stack of boxes inside are also VERY tempting to little ones who like to climb. As much as we love kids, we recommend finding childcare for them during your move, if at all possible.

Let’s Talk About Making Your Move Easier