Four-legged Moving Tips

Moving to a new home means a big change for everyone in the house, including your furry friends. As you plan ways to make a smooth transition there are some things that you can do for your pets that will make the experience easier for them, as well…

Pack a bag

Does Murphy have a favorite tennis ball? Does Fluffy enjoy sleeping on a certain blanket? Packing a few of your pet’s favorite items, as well as food, a water bowl and treats will give them comfort and make the change easier.

Plan an ‘away day’ on moving day

It’s a great idea to send your pets to a daycare, or to stay with a family member or friend, during the moving process. This keeps them from being under foot and away from the commotion of a move which can create anxiety for some pets. If it isn’t possible to arrange for them to be away, find a quiet room in the house and provide a few toys and other items to keep them occupied and calm while the move is happening.

Drive your pet to your new home yourself

When your move is within driving distance, you can make your pets feel more comfortable by transporting them yourself in your own vehicle. This can give them some sense of familiarity even when their environment is changing. It will also be easier for you to care for them and prepare the necessary carriers or seat belts you might want to have for them, as well as any special treats, blankets or toys.

Keep in mind that driving with your pet(s) will often require extra stops for bathroom breaks, and make sure any hotels you might need to stay at on the way to your destination allows animals.

Update your pets’ identification information

Once your move is complete, make sure your pets have the correct address and contact information on their collar tags in case of an emergency. You should also inform your local vet about your move so they can recommend a new vet in your neighborhood and make sure all your pet’s records and prescriptions are transferred.

Be patient with your animals as they adjust

Your pets will need some time to adjust to a new home and neighborhood and will need a little help and supervision while they do. Make sure to set up food and water bowls and your pet’s sleeping area, so they start to adjust to the new home. And plan a few walks around your new neighborhood to get familiar with the sights, sounds and especially the smells!

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