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Visual Surveys

Bridges Bros Movers is proud to be one of the first moving companies in the country using Visual Survey technology.  This technology enables us to calculate the size of your shipment more precisely than ‘traditional’ surveying methods, which results in more accurate estimates for our clients.

Using this system, we are also able to capture all of the pertinent details of your move with pictures, ensuring that we send the right size crew, the correct number of trucks, and the equipment needed to do the job right…and avoid surprises on your move day.


When comparing moving quotes it is important to confirm that every mover has quoted the same ‘scope of work.’  If you find a significant difference in cost between two estimates, you should ask each mover these questions:

What is the weight of my shipment and how did you arrive at that number?

What calculations were used to determine the number of hours required and the appropriate number of men and trucks to send to the job?


Visual Survey

  • Accurate
    The software assists the Estimator in identifying items by size & weight, providing reliable ‘scope of work’ assessments and accurate quotes.
  • Consistent
    Survey appointments can be done in person or ‘virtually’ using the client’s mobile device.  A ‘Visual Survey Report’ is generated, capturing all pertinent details in a consistent format.
  • Visual Documentation
    The move plan and pictures from the survey are documented in a comprehensive, detailed report that is sent to the client with their estimate.
  • Move Management
    Each item on the ‘visual survey report’ can be tagged by destination, allowing the client and move team to easily manage multi-location deliveries, ‘partial’ moves, and other changes to the move plan.

Traditional Survey

  • Subjective
    Item size & weight are determined by the Estimator, making ‘scope of work’ assessments and quotes more subjective and less accurate.
  • Variable
    Quoting is often done over the phone or from a list that the client must provide.  Documentation varies based on the survey method, leading to inconsistent capture of information.
  • No Visual Documentation
    No images were captured.  Not shareable with client or move team. Important details may or may not be captured in the Estimator’s notes.
  • No Move Management
    Client and move team have no reliable way to manage multiple delivery locations, ‘partial’ moves or changes to move plan.

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